20 years’ experience in animation: film, TV, documentaries, science education, and games using both traditional and computer animation.

Bento Box (2020-2021)
Wolf Boy and the Everything Factory: Retake animator utilizing Toon boom Harmony.

Pocket.watch (2019)
Hobby Kids “Gravi-dad”: Animated on the YouTube series “Hobby Kids”.    

Titmouse Inc (2019)
Midnight Gospel: Retake animator utilizing hand drawn animation in Adobe Animate. 

Octopie Studios (2019)
Clicksterbait: Art, animation, and direction for multiple online episodes.

Age of Learning (2014-2019)
ABC Mouse:  Lead animator, Designed and built educational games geared toward pre-K through 3rd grade:
Mentored a team of artists that worked closely with engineers to facilitate the conversion of existing flash
 games to Unity.  Collaborated with engineers to create in-game character animations and UI 
presentation moments for educational games.

HBO/ Tim’s Life Productions (2011)
Life and Times of Tim: Worked closely with writers and producers to create animation for scenes.

Nickelodeon / Stone & Company Entertainment (2010-2011)
BrainSurge Season 3: Oversaw creation of animated questions for game show on Nickelodeon.
 Created character animation, adapted existing characters designs, 
created new backgrounds for segments, and laid in audio for questions.
Worked closely with writers and producers to create an animated segment per week.
Advanced the jokes in each game to add more pop culture references that made the contestant-parent 
and child teams get a laugh.

MTV / Animax Entertainment (2009)
Popzilla: Animated on MTV show using Adobe Flash.
Created character animations for a celebrity parody show.
Worked closely with the writers to fully flesh out their vision in a time efficient manner that 
caught the spirit of the show without slowing down production.

Lead Animator/ Prop Designer:
Cosmic Toast / Nickelodeon (2012-2014)
Lala Oopsie film, Lala Loopsy TV Show: Character animation, provided support for the director,
 assignment of animation scenes, and planning production pipeline.
Worked closely with directors to flesh out animation. As well as oversaw assignments to 
animators and provided constructive feedback on scenes.  
Provided frontline working knowledge of the production to field questions and anticipate problems
 coming down the pipeline.  
LalaloopsyGirls: Welcome to L.A.L.A Prep school: Designed Props for a feature
 length direct to video release for a new toy line.
Mentored artists in Prop design and effects animation, giving feedback and direction.
Designed effects animation that used traditional animation technique to up animated “wow factor” for the project.

Animatic / Storyboard Artist:
Lowbrow Studios (2019)
WWE Storytime: Created animatic based on 
Jake “The Snake” Roberts funny story about the first time he got to be a heel.    

George Zaleski Productions (2012)
What’s Karma?: Animation, character design, and audio for an animated short dealing with
 a child’s view of the afterlife.
USC Sea Grant (2011)
Invaders from around the world: Produced animated video to teach kids
 about invasive species issues in our environment.
Wrote material in conjunction with scientists to cover entire range of invasive species issues.

Toon Boom Harmony, Adobe Animate, Photoshop, Illustrator.
Unity Environment, Maya Character Animation, Spine

Creativity/Project Skills
Mentor and manage artists to effectively produce work in a unified vision  
Managing all aspects of projects from design, through planning, to delivery.
Creating animation concepts and designs for characters, backgrounds, storyboards, and layout.

M.F.A. Film, Video and Computer Animation; 
University of Southern California, School of Cinema Television, Los Angeles CA, 2003
B.A. Studio Arts; (Biology Minor) Hamilton College, Clinton NY, 1998

Additional Coursework;
Gnomon School of Visual Effects, Hollywood CA (Maya)
Studio Arts ltd, Los Angeles CA (Maya, Harmony, Digital Painting, Storyboarding)
American Animation Institute, Burbank CA, (Storyboarding, Figure Drawing)
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